Western Star 5700 custom


Our professional sales staff is always available to answer all your questions regarding the customization of your truck. TCustom Trucks offers a whole range of products for your vehicle and we have great ideas how to make YOUR truck ONE OF A KIND!


Our shop technicians have more than 20 years of experience in the truck dealership industry, they are professionally trained and ready to modify and customize your truck.  They are attentive to the details and understand the very purpose of having a unique truck.


Your truck is YOUR brand! It deserves to be SEEN! It should make YOU the envy of the competition. We offer a range of parts and accessories to customize YOUR truck. We also have parts created by TCustom Trucks to give your truck the touch of “Distinction” you are looking for. From wheels to the sunvisor, click here to choose yours parts.


Visit our photo gallery, look at our projects, it will give you ideas to customize, your truck!

About us

TCustom Trucks is powered by Tardif Diesel, Freightliner dealer and Western Star.

Located in Ascot Corner, near Sherbrooke, Tardif Diesel is a family business with more than 35 years of experience in heavy trucks mechanic and more than 20 years as a dealer. With our team you have access to an unprecedented know-how and professionalism to see your project come to life.

Our customers had particular requests; take a normal truck and make it different, prettier and above all more exciting.

As truck design demands increased, so did the degree of complexity. We acquired great competence to adapt the trucks according to the needs and image of our customers.

The more the projects were seen, the more the customers left us latitude, to give free rein to our imagination. So we started to build trucks, with no customer order, according to our inspiration. We always liked our work but our customers really were the instigators of the passion that motivates us.

Given that we could hardly find the necessary parts for our projects, we started to create our own parts to be able to materialize the vision at a 100%.

With that passion and special parts we could now offer quality and a look that we and our customers are proud of. At that moment TCustom was born.

  • Experience

    With more than 35 years of experience in mechanics, we have been able to develop a special custom section.

  • Customer service

    Powered by a family business, T Custom Trucks offers a personalized, friendly and professional approach.

  • Parteners

    We work hard to choose excellent business partners to offer you the best.

  • Goal

    T Custom Trucks is here to create unique trucks that you will love!